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Van Oostrom House, Waikato

New ProjectsPublished November 12, 2012 at 11:23 pm Comments Off
Van Oostrom House from the street

Van Oostrom House from the street: there’s a few surprises inside…

I couldn’t be happier with how this house has turned out – and from their enthusiasm I sense my clients would say the same. IMG_5256 I posted it a few years back (here and here), but now the plants have matured – and since it’s been featured in the Waikato Times recently, I figured it was about time I showed it here in all its glory. P1000649 Who would have thought this could be found just five minutes from the centre of Hamilton. P1000630 The Waikato Times called it “an outstanding Hamilton home, surely one that is among the finest ‘House ‘n’ Lifestyle’ has featured.” Naturally, I agree with them . . .  but I bet they say that about every house. ;^) P1000968 The house offers a private front to the street, and opens out from within to four landscaped ‘courtyards’ created to integrate site and house. P1000582 I won’t say too much here, since you can read about it in the ‘House n’ Lifestyle’ feature linked below – but seeing a house completed to this standard and the clients enjoying it as they are is the reason I do this job: to bring their dreams into reality by doing what they would do if they were a good architect. P1000564 [Photos by AvO] P1000717

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