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Some of the architectural design
principles on which our work is based:

Organon Architecture bases its design philosophy on the simple observation that architecture should enhance human life.

We achieve that enhancement when we build architecture that liberates the occupant; when we build spaces that open up to sun and landscapes and adventure; when we design spaces that flow easily and naturally and support all the good things in life…

… we don’t achieve it when, as happens too often, yet another decorated box appears on the architect’s drawing board, or on the draughtsman’s monitor. We should not be building boxes, whether decorated or not; we should be building space that liberates the occupants, and mould that space to fit and enhance the human lives who occupy that space.

At Organon Architecture we eschew the decorated box, and work towards design that integrates the architecture with the site, and the occupants with the world around them.

There are links below to articles and guides explaining our design philosophy in more detail. And, because all design operates in a wider context, you will you will also find articles and arguments about other aspects of life and living, including arguments explaining that if we are to truly enhance human life then the legal environment we work in here in New Zealand needs to change.

Enjoy the adventure!

Peter Cresswell

Architecture: Putting Man in Possession of his Earth

Audio and Powerpoint excerpts from presentation to SOLO conferece, February 2003.


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